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Compelling training video production from Simply Thrilled.

Training and learning videos are really taking off, with all sorts of people wanting to brush up on old skills, switch careers or learn new things. A video can convey the ethos of your business in a succinct and stylish way, making your training content easy to understand. Training videos shouldn’t be too long-winded, but should make clear the key points you want to communicate.

There’s a lot to think about to create a good training video that viewers will enjoy. At Simply Thrilled, we have the expertise, experience, and imagination to bring magic to your video project, able to balance the facts with the storytelling that keeps your audience’s eyes glued on the screen.

Simply Thrilled produces training videos that allow your team to thrive. We bring…

  • Expertise - Our expertise is technological as well as creative. We use a wide range of film techniques to bring edge to your video, such as motion graphics, time-lapse, and drone photography, and cinema- and broadcast-quality cameras are a standard. We also use our unique ViralPixel technology, a social intelligence that uses a 500-element matrix to sweep the web and find out exactly what makes videos successful in the digital sphere.
  • Results - Simply Thrilled has a portfolio that has reached over 50 million people, amassing 900 thousand likes and 80 thousand comments from people who love our work. That’s pretty impressive. Even if you aren’t necessarily aiming for your training video to go viral, these kinds of results are promising. It means we know how to get the viewer’s attention and retain it. Engagement and memorability are important when it comes to training your staff.
  • Creativity - We guarantee at least four refreshing concepts to any open brief we receive. We do this because idea generation is our bread and butter and because we know that having creative choice is highly important. By giving you the flexibility to choose from an array of dazzling ideas for your film, we strengthen our creative muscles and find methods to reach your audience that are original and sophisticated.
  • Reputation  - Our shining reputation is our crowning glory. With over forty 5-star reviews of Simply Thrilled on Google, our clients love our creative spirit, technological expertise, and the work we produce. Join our portfolio of brilliant clients like the NHS, Universal, Creative Scotland, and Boots and you can rest assured that your training video is in the right hands.

Training people shouldn’t have to be an unpleasant, boring experience for anyone. A training video is the perfect way to bring information to new or existing members of your team in a consistent manner, ensuring everyone’s training has the same base level from which they can thrive. Simply Thrilled uses technology and creativity to make training videos that ensure organisations and their staff are healthy and informed, ready to take on any challenge thrown their way.

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