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Compelling timelapse video production in Nottingham and beyond, from Simply Thrilled.

Timelapse is an effect used in video production and photography where long periods of time are sped up so minutes, hours and even days pass in mere seconds. It’s usually done as a series of still images which, when played together in quick succession give the appearance of everything moving rapidly. Here’s a recent timelapse video we did for the NHS shot over the course of 2 months.

It’s all about using it with style and intention, bringing drama and flair to your film, keeping the audience on their toes, and making shots look absolutely breathtaking. You can use timelapse footage to show:

  • The scale of an event 
  • A building being constructed
  • Show products or services in action
  • Office workers over the course of a day 
  • The inside of a house or office being renovated

Be warned though, too much unnecessary timelapse means your video will start to drag, becoming less and less impactful with each sped up shot. We’d recommend not using more than 1 minute of it at a time, unless you’re breaking it up with normal speed footage and animated text or still images. Skill and precision is key if you want to wow audiences with timelapse technology. 

The benefits of timelapse are that it can be used for a myriad of reasons. It can evoke a sense of wonder, showcase the beauty of a place or event, and add a cinematic flavour to your film, the list goes on. Speeding up footage can be useful to demonstrate a longer process in a shorter time, or to bring a new and unexpected grace to a shot. Simply Thrilled loves the storytelling capabilities of timelapse and how it thrills audiences.

We have sophisticated pieces of timelapse kit which means we can set up cameras in a location - say, a building site - and leave them there for months at a time to capture the whole process. We can arrange for you to view and access the images online as they’re shot and even change the camera settings remotely to allow for changes to the environment. We even have a system which unfogs the camera lens if it gets misted up! 

Here’s what else we’re known for:

  • Strategy - With ViralPixel, our proprietary social intelligence technology, we can sweep the web with a 500-element matrix to gather data on audience metrics, competitor insights, and market trends. This information is then plugged into how we generate concepts for your film, helping us to deduce, for example, when and where to use timelapse amidst a whole host of other filmmaking techniques. Strategy is the name of the game at Simply Thrilled and we have the data to prove it.
  • Results - The goal of any film is to achieve your purpose. Whether it’s to engage, entertain, or inform (or all three!), timelapse can be a tool with the flexibility and dynamacy to bring an unexpected creative edge to your video. timelapse is just one method Simply Thrilled has used to create content our clients and audiences love. Our portfolio with Universal, Creative Scotland, Boots, and more has received over 53 million views and over 900 thousand likes online, proving that our creative powers always make a splash.

The benefits of timelapse are super-clear to us. Contact Simply Thrilled today to let us show you the potential of your next project.


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