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Compelling testimonial video production from Simply Thrilled.

What do excellent testimonial videos and Nottingham’s friendly creative video agency Simply Thrilled have in common? Is it beauty? Is it grace? Well, it’s both, but it’s also that both have the expertise and data-backed strategy to put them a mile ahead of the rest. We think there’s fresh ways you can do testimonial videos - ways to really make the audience sit up and pay attention.

We believe that testimonial videos should connect to customers’ heads and hearts, using passion to bring facts and emotions to the viewer to prove to them why your brand, product, or service is worth their attention. In today’s crowded digital world, grabbing the attention of the audience is difficult, and retaining it is even harder! But with a high-quality testimonial video, audiences will be hooked from the start.

Simply Thrilled creates testimonial videos with bite. We guarantee…

  • Sophistication - To cut through the digital clutter and elevate your video we have become masters of social intelligence, using our unique ViralPixel technology to gather the data we need to make a splash. Combing the web with a 500-element matrix, we gather insights on market trends, competitor behaviour, and audience preferences to sculpt our videos into audience-engaging machines. Combining that hard science with a certain creative elegance is the best method for bringing unbeatable strategy to your testimonial video.
  • Expertise - Our know-how is nothing less than the best. Broadcast- and cinema-quality cameras are a standard at Simply Thrilled, and we have the creativity and experience to bring the unexpected to your video. Whether you want to find new angles and perspectives with drone technology or add visual variety and excitement through animation and motion graphics, we always bring our a-game to create electrifying videos.
  • Results - Our expertise and sophistication brings us results. Our stunning portfolio of films has amassed 53 million views, 900 thousand likes, and 80 thousand comments, proving that our work generates plenty of buzz. Demonstrating why your brand, service, or product deserves the testimonies it has received has never been easier with our tried and tested methods for creativity and winning video strategy.
  • Reputation - The reason we know how to create fantastic testimonial videos is because we ourselves know what it’s like to build a shining reputation and maintain it. Our previous clients have left us over forty 5-star reviews on Google, and our portfolio with Bose, Universal, the Guardian, Nottingham Rugby and more proves that we know what endorsement looks like.

Simply Thrilled is the video production company you need to bring your testimonial video alive. We combine the selling power of emotive storytelling with the undeniable influence of facts to make testimonial videos that highlight why people love your product, service, or brand. Our expertise brings cutting-edge visuals and data-driven strategy to your project to capture the attention of your audience.

Marketing can be hard, but Simply Thrilled works harder. Contact us today to find out how your testimonial video can become a marketing superstar.


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