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Everyone and their nan knows that digital is an absolute powerhouse in the world of marketing. Social media video is the cherry on top, the crowning glory that engages viewers and retains their attention. But the market is also crowded and competitive, which means you need an edge to make your social media video content get the attention it deserves.

This is why Simply Thrilled is your best friend for targeted video content. We can bring together social intelligence insights, strategy, experience and a flair for the creative to make video content for your social media channels that audiences love. Social media is a tricky game to play but rest assured that we can create the content and the strategy to drive your message to the front and make it stick. We aren’t scared of pages of analytics and metrics. We eat them for breakfast, lunch and tea.

Simply Thrilled makes video content with:

  • Results - Big views don’t mean much when audiences aren’t engaged with your product or service. They don’t hurt much either (the 50 million views our portfolio has received makes us very proud!) but a true social media guru knows audience action and retention is gold. We bring in the views and the engagement (80 thousand comments worth, in fact) by combining creative expertise with strategic insights, trend analysis and more.
  • Strategy - Having a snappy video is all well and good but strategy is what blows the competition out of the water. Simply Thrilled uses data-driven audience insights to inform how we develop, produce, and deliver our video content, with our proprietary ViralPixel technology arming us with all the insights we need. Using a sophisticated 500-element matrix, we comb the digital media landscape to find out exactly what audiences are loving and apply this information to our work.
  • Expertise - Alongside this, we bring flair and verve to our productions, too. We develop eye-catching, innovative, and sensational visuals which burst onto the social media scene and grab viewers from the opening frames until the call to action. We have a wealth of experience in live action filming, motion graphics, 2d and 3d animation as well as aerial drone filming, sound design, and music scoring (to mention a few). With these abilities and more, we guarantee to bring a fresh and distinctive brand identity to your video content, building your reputation through dazzling visuals.
  • Ideas - Alongside our cinema- and broadcast-quality cameras, phenomenal creativity, and data-driven video strategy, Simply Thrilled has more ideas than we know what to do with. For every open creative brief we receive, we guarantee at least four distinctive concepts, so you will always be spoiled for choice. We take idea generation very seriously, so be ready to be Simply Thrilled!

Whether it’s content for Facebook or content for TikTok, we always shoot to thrill. Combining social media intelligence insights with an artistry that audiences love, we always bring the thunder with our social media video content.

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