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Compelling recruitment video production in Nottingham and beyond, from Simply Thrilled.

Looking to expand your team? Or an agency head hunting a specific role for your client? Want to draw in people with the verve and tenacity that will encourage your organisation to thrive? A recruitment video showing off the best of your company, culture and people will be the best bet to achieve all of these things, and here at Simply Thrilled, we will bring our a-game to make your recruitment video a winner.

Here’s an example of a recent recruitment video we made:

An effective recruitment video matches the energy and personality of not only your business, but the kind of people you want to hire. A fun and person-focused video appeals to the heart of potential employees, enticing them with the prospect of your company values and ethos. Combining that with the hard facts of who you want and why appeals to the head, too, making your recruitment drive one that engages and thrills. With a great recruitment video, you’ll have applicants fighting for a chance to join your organisation!

Simply Thrilled, Nottingham’s friendly neighbourhood creative video production company, develops recruitment videos for the modern age. We have a boat-load of experience getting eyes on screens and bums on seat. We bring…

  • Strategy - Strategy is important in both the development and release of your recruitment video. Simply Thrilled makes data-fuelled strategy easy with our proprietary ViralPixel technology, which provides us with detailed insights into market trends, competitor behaviour, and audience preference that we can distil into our videos. This makes them creatively and strategically robust for the big wide digital world.
  • Results - Simply Thrilled has a stellar reputation built upon a portfolio of collaboration with brands like Bose, Boots, and the NHS. This portfolio gets results. With over 53 million views on our films, it’s clear that we know how to pack a punch with our creativity. Our results-focused strategy means you can expect success with your recruitment video.
  • Expertise - Our expertise doesn’t stop at bringing in the views. Our creative team is a collective of experts with top-notch skills in a variety of areas, from storyboarding and idea generation to animation and motion graphics. Cinema- and broadcast-quality cameras are simply a standard, so you can expect technical and creative expertise at every turn.
  • Innovation - Simply Thrilled loves to bring unexpected ideas to every project. We guarantee to bring at least four fresh concepts to the table when you give us an open creative brief, ensuring you get the flexibility of choice when it comes to choosing the final outcome of your video. We innovate to bring an edge to your project that matches the drive and dedication of your organisation.

Simply Thrilled loves to work with nice people to sprinkle a bit of magic on every project. Your recruitment video is your chance to show why your organisation is one people will love to work for, shining a light on what you do and why you do it. We can bring a human side to your film which engages potential new hires through heartfelt storytelling and demonstrates the ethos of your business.

Get in touch today to discover how Simply Thrilled can attract superstars to your next recruitment drive.


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