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Promotional video production in Nottingham & London. Serving clients across the UK and beyond.

To promote your product, service or brand, you need to publicise it as a solution for a problem the audience have. Even if they might not have even known they had it! For example, you might need a stellar creative video agency based in Nottingham because you don’t know how to make a promotional video that draws in audiences and gets them talking (hint hint!). We bet you also aren’t sure how social intelligence and competitor insights can inform creative strategy. That sounds like a problem Simply Thrilled can solve.

Promotional videos are one of the biggest genres of content we create on a daily basis, and run the gamut from highlighting features of a product/service to benefits it brings to the lifestyle of the customer. Simply Thrilled develops promotional videos that are…

  • Results-focused - Our glittering reputation puts us a head above the rest. Past clients leave us 5-star reviews on Google, proving that our work and our team have the expertise and experience to get the job done. Simply Thrilled has a portfolio that has gained 50 million views, 900 thousand likes, and 80 thousand comments. We aim for tangible results with every project, results that make you and your customers smile.
  • Innovative - We pride ourselves on our innovation. It brings fresh ideas and groundbreaking technology to our video content projects that can’t be beaten. Our proprietary ViralPixel technology uses social intelligence to filter audience data through 500 elements so that we can assess exactly what audiences look for and plug that data into our promotional video strategy. 
  • Strategic - Using our ViralPixel customer insights, we sculpt and tailor our productions from first concepts to final products which make a splash. Competitor insights, social media strategy, and creative know-how are integral to our process at Simply Thrilled and our promotional videos are always the better for it.
  • Compelling - When everyone has a phone in their pocket that can shoot 4k, how do you make your content stand out? Engagement is the name of the game, and alongside our results-focused expertise and strategy, we ensure our ideas are fresh and compelling to increase awareness and positive brand association with your video. We use cinema- and broadcast-grade cameras and first-class animation, storyboarding, and post-production techniques to make your project eye-catching and effective.

Promotional video has so much potential—just like your brand, service, or product. We love bringing magical concepts to people passionate about promotional filmmaking and guarantee at least four brilliant ideas for every creative brief you send our way. We believe that raising awareness of your brand is about strategy, creativity and technique. Three things we have heaps of experience with.

Get in touch today to join our collective of Simply Thrilled clients, from Bose to Universal, from the NHS to Nottingham City Council, and discover how we can promote you in ways you can’t imagine...


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