10 Inspiring UK Video Ads Which Will Make You Rethink Your Marketing

Jack Delaney
May 8, 2024

About 91% of people want to see more video marketing efforts from brands.

So, what’s the word from your marketing squad?

You might think that we are publishing organic video content on different communication platforms, so we are on the right track.

However, relying only on an organic approach to market your videos isn’t enough. 

In today’s world, where attention spans are shorter than a hiccup, you’ve got to mix it up!

So, you must rely on video ads to balance your video marketing strategy

Worried it won’t be your audience's cup of tea? 

Brush those fears aside!

About 79% of UK consumers prefer viewing contextually relevant ads.

We’ve scoured the internet to find inspiring video ads UK which can help you up your marketing game in no time.

Ad Campaigns Which Give You an Inspirational Gist

Inspiration can be the spark which ignites a successful video ads campaign, so we are here to assist you. 

Let’s dive into top digital advertising campaigns that are more than just eye-catching. They're a masterclass in inspiration.

Heinz: Heinz A.I. Ketchup

The conversation around AI has been buzzing in marketing circles for the past 2 years, since ChatGPT introduced itself to the public.

So, every industry wants to explore the benefits of the hype around AI, including the world of condiments.

That’s where Heinz ketchup roped in.

To create the Heinz A.I. Ketchup ad, Rethink Canada fed Dall-E 2 art generator the prompt ketchup

The powerful AI consistently produced near-replica images of the classic Heinz Ketchup bottle. That led the creative director to test other ketchup-themed prompts.

From ‘ketchup synth-wave’ to ‘ketchup street art’, no matter the prompt variation, each AI-generated rendition resembled Heinz Ketchup. 

The ad campaign was a stroke of marketing genius as it proved that even AI knows that ketchup is Heinz.

Amazon’s Alexa Body

Amazon's Alexa's Body powerful campaign stands out as a pinnacle of engaging advertising.

It offers a mix of celebrity appeal and interesting technology offered by Amazon. 

Casting the dashing Michael B. Jordan to personify Alexa, the ad gives us a cheeky peek into a world where Jordan transforms into a live-action Alexa.

His fans get a chance to envision a life where he makes simple tasks, such as making a shopping list, seem like the greatest thing since sliced bread.

The ad format tapped into the heartbeats of YouTube viewers.

Can you guess the number?

A staggering 78 million of them!

The 60-second commercial highlights the features of the 2020 Echo device and cleverly ties in with the promotion of Jordan’s film Without Remorse, available on Amazon Prime.

Reebok’s CrateMaster

Reebok's got a knack for turning ads into anthems, and CrateMaster is a prime example.

The short film paints a vivid picture of urban basketball culture.

It highlights the passionate community of youngsters who construct the sport from its very roots in their neighbourhoods.

Led by the vision of writer and director Kerby Jean-Raymond, CrateMaster pulls you into its world from the get-go.

Like the previous ads, Reebok implemented its creative work to perfection and showcases 9 minutes of pure, story-rich video ad which holds you captive until the very last beat.

The ad prioritises narrative over product placement, and that is what makes it special compared to traditional ads.

Under Armour’s #WEWILL

The #WEWILL campaign by Under Armour features two athletes effortlessly juggling a soccer ball while suspended high above the earth in a hot-air balloon.

Sounds interesting right?

When the viewers saw it, they were left on the edge of their seats (or skies, in this case).

The brand also collaborated with GoPro, which captures a sense of raw exhilaration which professionals feel.

Even on Instagram’s endless scroll, it's the sort of content which makes you hit pause on millions of other videos with its daring and unexpected visuals.

It serves as a compelling reminder that brand promotion doesn't always require direct advertising. 

Under Armour's #WEWILL is the pitch-perfect example that sometimes the vibe speaks louder than the label.

Burberry’s Open Spaces

Burberry’s Open Spaces ad is a masterful weave of cinema and style.

Trust us, we have analysed the nitty-gritty aspects of the video ad.

The commercial transports viewers into a world of boundless horizons as it follows a group of friends wearing Burberry’s finest.

The video ad leaves a lasting impression as we see the friends taking a lucid-dream-like tour, flying over lakes, open fields, clifftops and the ocean.

In just two minutes, Burberry reminds us how freedom feels. And like Reebok’s CrateMaster, the ad’s storytelling is its heart rather than just promoting the product. 

It proves that sometimes the story itself is the most captivating showcase of a brand’s spirit.

Netflix’s Fans Make the Movies

Netflix's Fans Make the Movies video ad puts the spotlight on the Ikorodu Bois, a group from Lagos, Nigeria.

Who are they? You might wonder.

They are known for their ingenious, low-budget recreations of blockbuster film trailers.

The ad features their versions of Army of the Dead, The Old Guard, and Thunderforce, bringing a playful and creative energy.

Netflix’s choice to cast the spotlight on these fan-made epics is a toast to the love of cinema, which binds viewers globally. 

They underscore a powerful message that it’s not about the flashy effects or the star-studded casts; it’s about the thrill that great storytelling brings to audiences everywhere.

Facebook’s More Together 

Facebook’s More Together - Cricket ad captures the collective passion and cultural heritage of cricket in India.

The video offers a glimpse into the lives of aspiring cricketers as they try out for the national team, sharing their highs and lows through Facebook.

The narrative follows aspiring athletes using Facebook to post updates, share emotions, and even advertise local cricket selection camps. 

The ad concludes powerfully with the line, ‘It takes a billion to make an eleven’.

By showcasing its role in creating these shared moments, Facebook positions itself as a space where cultural experiences are celebrated and discussed.

Samsung’s The Next Big Thing is Already Here

Samsung's The Next Big Thing is Already Here ad for the Galaxy S II stands out as a masterclass in effective Facebook video advertising.

It’s a stellar example of how to craft a Facebook video ad which catches and keeps attention.

Trust us, we understand the hard work which goes into creating similar video ads.

What makes it truly brilliant? 

Its 60-second format is just long enough to engage viewers without overwhelming them.

The ad cleverly uses humour to tap into the ongoing rivalry between Samsung and Apple. 

The scene opens with die-hard Apple fans, queued up in anticipation of the latest iPhone release, only to encounter Android users flaunting their Galaxy S II phones.

It’s a prime example of how smart, targeted humour can be used to make a memorable and persuasive argument in the competitive tech market.

Salesforce’s Transform Your Business

Salesforce's Transform Your Business ad is a textbook example of how corporate advertising can be engaging without a hard sell.

It showcases the ideal customer experience and demonstrates how businesses can elevate operations across various departments.

The 30-second spot efficiently illustrates how Salesforce facilitates better interactions, which connects the companies and customers.

You must remember that corporate ads don’t have to be dry or bland. It's possible to craft appealing content which resonates with both B2B and B2C audiences (if you associate with professionals in the brand filmmaking industry).

Monday.com’s Manage Your Team’s Workload

Monday’s ad features a team lead dressed in a ballet leotard. It uses humour and visual metaphors to address common workplace challenges and showcases how Monday.com can streamline daily operations.

According to video marketing expert Kyle Weber, the ad strikes a balance between informative and entertaining:

“While the script gets right to the point, jokes and dynamic transitions are sprinkled throughout to maintain a level of entertainment amidst the pitch, not to mention the creative props used to illustrate pain points.”

The approach shows that even the most straightforward product explanations can be transformed into engaging narratives with the right mix of humour, visual storytelling and clear communication.

Now the ball’s in your park. 

It’s time you convert the inspiration from these inspiring UK video ads and create one for your target audience. 

But before you roll the dice, you must associate with professionals who can deliver you the desired video shoot results.

That’s Where You Can Trust Simply Thrilled

Something special happens when a video ad is really good, and we, at Simply Thrilled, understand it. 

From production for your video ads to video marketing, we can help you with everything. 

How can we be so confident?

We have worked with leading brands like BBC to Universal. 

Not only that. 

With over 53 million views online and 2000+ TV broadcasts to our name, we have a solid digital footprint.

Share your idea with our team and experience the magic with our video ad results for your brand.

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