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Music videos are a truly iconic part of culture. In essence, music videos are short films set to music that can convey the message of the track, make the singer or band look good, and/or sell a song! That’s a lot of storytelling and market responsibility for one film to undertake. Check out this video we did for UK band Toploader's track This is the Night:

We’ve had the pleasure of working with global number 1 artists and organisations who’ve shifted millions of records. People like:

  • Toploader
  • Download Festival
  • KSI
  • Sway
  • Universal Records
  • Island Records
  • JME
  • Underdog Records
  • Tigger Da Author 
  • Senakah
  • Tubes

There are a gazillion brilliant music videos out there, and a good video can really sell a song and help build an artist. Therefore any creatives looking to build their musical brand and sell their song need a video or visual campaign that is cutting-edge - creatively and technically. Simply Thrilled, a creative video agency based in Nottingham, has the ideas, the expertise, and the reputation to develop music videos that people love.

Simply Thrilled makes music videos that are...

  • Impactful - We aim to get people talking about and loving our videos and use social intelligence alongside our creative masterminding to pack a punch. With our proprietary ViralPixel technology, we develop a deep understanding of what audiences love to watch through a matrix of over 500 elements and bring science and art together in harmony. As a result of this method, our creative content has garnered a whopping 50 million views online, over 900 thousand likes, and 80 thousand comments. That’s a lot of buzz.
  • Reputable - Simply Thrilled wears its reputation like a crown. The forty-plus 5-star reviews of our work and our team on Google make us an enviable creative force, and our portfolio with Bose, Universal, and the Download Festival means we’re already heavy-hitters when it comes to working with powerhouses. We understand how to make content for creatives who want to make a splash with style.
  • Strategic - Alongside ViralPixel, Simply Thrilled offers a whole host of creative services, from storyboarding to social media strategy to video editing and animation. Using social intelligence, creative savvy and technical expertise, we build concepts and develop videos which prioritise getting your music and visuals out there. 
  • Beautiful - Of course, every music video should be visually stunning. Whether it’s live action or animated, dramatic or comedic, we bring breathtaking beauty to every shot. Using the bleeding edge in cinematic techniques to keep audiences hooked until the fade out.

Whether it’s the romance of Wham!’s Last Christmas or the social relevance of Beyonce’s Formation, music videos should be able to convey a powerful message. Simply Thrilled always brings their a-game for these creative projects and we can’t wait to hear what you have to offer.

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