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Motion graphics use animated text, pictures and other elements to bring your message to life. At Simply Thrilled, we understand the potential for motion graphics to boost the quality and message of all video projects. Our portfolio with Nexus Works, the NHS, and more shows how we use motion graphics to great effect. Here’s some examples of our motion graphics work:

Motion graphics can be incredibly effective for intangible concepts which it might be too awkward or dull to show with live action footage (someone talking to the camera about the subject, for instance). And can quickly and easily add a sophisticated and slick flair to a video that ties it all together. 

Here’s some great uses for motion graphics:

  • To explain your product and service in quick steps
  • To show a step by step guide through your website or app
  • To bring a learning subject to life
  • To get across lots of stats and facts and figures in a fun way

They can be bold, bright, and flashy, adding pizazz to your creative video. Like animation, motion graphics can add a fresh and modern feel to even the most cut-and-dry video. An internal corporate video or recruitment ad can be so much more inviting and informative with the magic of motion graphics. Check out our introductory blog on the topic here.

Simply Thrilled uses motion graphics to get...

  • Results - Here at Simply Thrilled, we boast over 53 million views of our work and over forty 5-star reviews from clients raving about our creative services. We use motion graphics to build brand personalities and they also give you the flexibility to animate logos seamlessly with your content, to move visual components in time with your audio, and develop the tone and atmosphere of any creative project.
  • Sophistication - Motion graphics add sophistication to videos, directing the attention of the viewer to exactly where you want their attention to be. Static visuals are out—exciting movement and energised communication is in! Motion graphics add a stylish, elegant edge to creative productions and can be combined with live-action visuals to bring your video project to the next level. 
  • Education - Turn a boring voiceover into an engaging audiovisual masterpiece with motion graphics. It’s much easier to convey information and an overall message if the audio and visual components of a film are intertwined, keeping the audience on the edge of their seats as your message is presented to them. Informing potential customers is highly important, and using motion graphics conveys vital ideas in eye-catching and memorable ways.
  • Engagement - Motion graphics help to build and maintain a brand image that audiences will love and recognise. Using compelling imagery is always powerful, and using our high-quality motion graphics skills and industry experience, we bring bewitching imagery to life.

The benefits of motion graphics are clear. They are effective for storytelling, pack a punch when it comes to memorability, and make your brand stand out from the rest. Competition is fierce in the digital sphere but motion graphics can bring you and your creative video to new heights and new audiences.

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