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When you want to make and release an instructional video, the last thing you want is to look like you don’t actually know what you’re doing. You might know the process you’re demonstrating inside and out, but if the quality of the video is sub-par, your message can easily be lost behind iffy visuals and a confusing narrative. In today’s digital world, instructional videos are the go-to method for real people wanting a clear explanation of a product or process, so getting it right is essential.

Luckily for you, Simply Thrilled is a creative video production company which knows exactly how to bring your instructional video alive. We have the expertise, imagination, and marketing strategy to ensure your next project is accurate and engaging, using first-class creative ingenuity and data-backed creative tactics to ensure your audience learns something new and enjoys the process.

Simply Thrilled creates instructional videos with…

  • Impact - We know how to make a splash with our content. In fact, our portfolio has been viewed by 53 million people online, garnering a whopping 900 thousand likes and 80 thousand comments. Safe to say we know what audiences like. We combine cutting-edge social intelligence strategy with stunning visuals to ensure your video is memorable.
  • Strategy - Even a beautiful, well-made video is nothing without a great strategy for getting it to audiences. We can arm your film with what it needs to succeed with our proprietary ViralPixel technology. ViralPixel scans the web through a 500-element matrix to provide insights into audience behaviour and market trends that we can apply to your project to give it an edge.
  • Reputation - Working with Simply Thrilled, you’ll be joining the ranks of powerhouse brands like Island Records, the NHS, and Universal. Our reputation is enviable with clients leaving us over forty 5-star reviews on Google. We boost our reputation through the quality of our production skills: cinema and broadcast-grade cameras are a standard and our team generates ideas backed by market insights to ensure your video is a winner.
  • Imagination - Your instructional video doesn’t have to be dull. In fact, we believe it should be anything but. Our imaginative creative team brings at least four innovative ideas to every open brief we receive, ensuring you get the most out of our creative powers. We can make your instructional video one that combines highly engaging audiovisual content with practical and clear instruction, demonstrating the efficacy of your brand, product, or service.

Instructional videos can be powerhouses all by themselves, demonstrating how your business can help a customer. Conveying your message clearly and precisely is vital, and can be achieved through smart development, resourceful audiovisual elements, and a dedication to reaching the viewer.

Simply Thrilled aims to bring magic to every project, and we’d love to turn your instructional video into a showcase worth watching. Get in touch today to discover how we can take your project sky-high.


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