Too Much Money

How do you recreate the sights and sounds of 70s Nottingham on a budget?

New writer Glenn Marshall approached us tobring his script to life! Based on his memories of growing up in Radford, aborough of Nottingham in the 1970s, this hugely ambitious project recreated thepeople and places of the time, in all their glory.


We set about researching the kind of lookand feel of the era by accessing archives at the library, this proved to be atreasure trove, even containing film footage of the streets and relevantsignage. We mocked-up some of our own signs. As you can imagine, costume was amajor element in this project, we worked with a local theatre company as wellas a team of costume designers who trawled charity shops and market stalls tofind the right garments for our cast.


We cast locally, drawing on an assembly oftalent from our network as well as non-professional actors who looked andsounded the part. Props and scenery came care of a few antiques shops and prophouses. We hired a vintage 70s classic car for one of the scenes too.


We established the look of the piece byshooting on vintage lenses with a Tiffin Pro-Mist filter to add a glowy look tothe highlights (bright parts) of the image. We also hired a smoke machine torecreate the hazy atmosphere of the period, with smoking inside being rife. Toprotect the crew from secondhand smoke we used camomile cigarettes - hopefullyit added to the chill atmosphere on set!