Bella Coco ‘The Next Chapter’

Creating a reality show documentary from scratch with this Youtube influencer

Bella Coco is a crocheter and Youtube influencer who approached us tocreate a 3-part reality show. She’s had huge success so far with over a millionsubscribers on Youtube. The overall aim was to add some character to herYoutube channel and strengthen her brand, so that once people had come for hercrocheting tutorials they’d stay for her bubbly personality and obviouspassion.


Bella Coco was moving into a new studio and entering an exciting newphase for the business and she wanted us to document this, as well as lookingback at her past career. The idea was to create 3 episodes of around 10-15minutes each plus a suite of short-form content including trailers for eachepisode, a channel intro video, and some motion graphics design assets.


So how do you make something like crochet engaging at a human interestlevel? For us the key for this was all in the relationships. Sarah-Jayne AKABella Coco’s PA and head of customer relations is her mum and her head ofcontent is her best friend and the three of them had a really sweet andaffectionate relationship. So that became a central theme across all 3episodes. The other was the pranks and hijinks they get up to as part of theirworking day, going to meet the neighbours in the studio next door, playing good-naturedtricks on each other and generally having a blast!


We built in mini moments of jeopardy in the edit and cliffhangers witha preview of what was to come. We had 2 roaming cameras to capture the actionwith a director tucked away in a cleaning cupboard(!) watching the footage inreal time to check we were getting the right material for the show.


We highlighted the drama of having to move office and raise a familywhilst juggling a hoard of fans hungry for content (Sarah-Jayne gets recognisedeverywhere from garden centres to the school gates!) as well as having a bit ofa trip-down-memory lane vibe as old boxes are unpacked and hidden treasuresfound.