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You’ve heard of the elevator pitch (or should it be ‘lift pitch’ in the UK?) and maybe you’ve even tried it. Even better—your pitch was a success! In the digital age, however, elevator pitches have been pushed aside in favour of the explainer video. Explainer videos need to be snappy and concise so they grab the attention of the viewer and retain it while you guide them through exactly how your product or service, system or process works.

The creative team at Simply Thrilled knows exactly how to do that, and we do it with style. We believe in combining the magic of creative video with the data-fuelled insights of social intelligence technology to create videos that not only look and sound great, but that pack a punch when it comes to explaining why customers don't want to miss out on your business.

Simply Thrilled develops explainer videos with:

  • Impact - Our portfolio with brands like the NHS, Island Records, and the University of Nottingham proves that big names know we can make content with staying power. To make an impact, your explainer video needs to grab the viewer with high production value and reel them in to learn about your business. Don’t take our word for it—look at the 50 million views, 900 thousand likes and 80 thousand comments our videos have received. That’s a lot of buzz.
  • Expertise - Our expertise lies in our experience. We aim to shine a glittering light upon your business or brand from the idea generation stage all the way to post production. Sometimes explainer videos need a deft visual metaphor to bring them to life, or you need to break down the concept to its first principles to make it sing. Happily, we also have science backing up all of our creative choices. With ViralPixel, our unique social intelligence technology, we gain insights into what audiences are watching and loving to sculpt videos into beautiful and effective channels to talk people through your business.
  • Creativity - Creativity is our lifeforce here at Simply Thrilled, one aspect of our three-pronged insight, creative and strategy approach. We develop videos which take the path less travelled and bring simple and immersive production quality to all projects. With four innovative ideas guaranteed for every open brief we receive, we can combine unique drone filming, animation and motion graphics, and stellar sound design to make your explainer video look and sound beautiful.

Explaining why how a product, service or system and process works in a way which is simple but also doesn’t talk down on the viewer is a tricky task. You need to balance your tone and your message to get the most out of the hottest commodity in the digital age: the attention of the audience. Luckily for you, Simply Thrilled isn’t just good at explaining why we’re the best. We’re also a top-notch creative video production company, bursting with ideas and backed by a data-fuelled strategy, ready to take on your next explainer video project. 

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