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Event videos are important. They capture a special and significant moment for you and your team to look back on in the future, and that means they have to not only look and sound great, but be created by a team who truly cares about bringing the best in production value and discrete operational execution to the video. Whether you want to capture a corporate event, a product launch, or a huge expo, Simply Thrilled always brings imagination and resourcefulness to every project.

Event videos need to show the viewer exactly what makes the event exciting, telling them what it’s all about, who the players are, what the stakes are, and delivering the overall atmosphere of the event as something worth remembering. Balancing this storytelling flair with brevity and clarity isn’t for the fainthearted, but the team at Simply Thrilled is primed and ready to go. We have the expertise and the creativity to meet every challenge thrown our way, guaranteeing an event video you and your audience will love.

Simply Thrilled produces event videos that are...

  • Innovative - Our team is a creative collective of first-class filmmakers dedicated to the art and science of their craft. We believe innovation is possible with every project, and seek to make your video slick and timeless. We use cinema- and broadcast-grade cameras as a standard, and can bring an unexpectedly fresh outlook to your event video with drone photography, animation, and more.
  • Sophisticated - Our expertise isn’t only limited to the methods we use to capture your event. It extends to how we develop and strategise the entire project, outside of just the production itself. Our cutting-edge ViralPixel technology allows us to scan the entirety of the digital space to collect insights into what audiences are watching and loving. We can then apply this data to your video, making it eye-catching and appealing to the right audiences at the right time.
  • Reputable - Our previous clients include Bose, Universal, the University of Nottingham, the NHS, and many more, so you can rest assured that we have the flexibility and reputation to make your event video a head above the rest. Simply Thrilled has over forty 5-star reviews on Google, proving that our clients love our team and our work. Collaborating with us will ensure the gold-standard of video production for your event video.
  • Impactful - Simply Thrilled creates videos for magical clients because we want to leave a lasting impact on their audiences. Our portfolio has garnered 50 million views online, 900 thousand likes and 80 thousand comments, proving we know what makes audiences tick on the big and small screen.

Don’t hesitate to work with the creative wizards at Simply Thrilled. We have the expertise, experience, and imagination to propel your event video into the stratosphere, bringing sophisticated production techniques, out of this world creativity, and innovative strategy to generate a video made to last.

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