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What makes a good advert? Is it the music? The concept? A good-looking actor? Or maybe you think it’s actually about the market research used to find out exactly when, where, and how to target viewers to get the biggest response?

If you think it’s all of this, you’re in good company. Simply Thrilled, Nottingham’s friendly neighbourhood creative video agency, knows that funky music means nothing if you don’t know where to place your advert. TV, cinema, and the web are complex playing fields for advertising, and you need to cut through the clutter with strategy and imagination if you truly want to reach your audience. A good advert is one that audiences enjoy in the moment. A great advert uses data-backed strategy to position itself so that audiences never forget the visual masterpiece you have created.

Simply Thrilled develops adverts for TV, cinema, and the web that have:

  • Results - We know how to make adverts that get tangible results. Not only do our clients love our work, but audiences rave about them too. Our films have amassed over 53 million views, proving that our style and know-how brings in the buzz. Adverts need to be effective at retaining the attention of the audience, which we’ve done through collaborations with BAFTA-winning actresses, powerhouse brands, and global agencies.
  • Sophistication - First-class production is our focus at Simply Thrilled, so we use cinema- and broadcast-quality equipment as a standard. We also know the importance of resilient and resourceful strategy in the advertising world, so we use our proprietary social intelligence technology ViralPixel to gain data on market trends, competitor insights, and audience sentiment, which we then apply to our productions to guarantee audience engagement and satisfaction.
  • Imagination - Imaginative and unexpected ideas are at the heart of our operations at Simply Thrilled, and we know that for a killer advert, you need ideas that are fresh. We combine ViralPixel with our creative powers to generate at least four groundbreaking concepts for every open brief you send our way, ensuring your advert captures hearts and minds, whether it’s online, on the telly, or at the cinema.
  • Reputation - Our previous clients love our strategy, our creativity, and our productions, leaving us over forty 5-star reviews on Google. Our enviable reputation is important to us, and it’s also important to past clients like Universal, the NHS, and Download Festival (plus many more!). Joining their ranks will help your video deliver a knock-out blow.

Your next TV, cinema, or web ad has the potential to wow audiences, and shareholders alike. Show the competition what you’re made of by inspiring and delighting your viewers with Simply Thrilled. We’re always ready to tackle any challenge, bringing a whole host of production services to your project, from live action filmmaking to animation, from brand insights to exciting new ways to deliver compelling content.

Let us leave you and your audience Simply Thrilled. Contact us today to begin your creative advertising journey.


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