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Compelling charity video production from Simply Thrilled.

Charity work is some of the most important work out there, raising funds and awareness for vital causes. But raising funds and awareness can be hard, especially in the digital age, without a snappy, sophisticated, and impactful video to tell viewers about all the excellent work you do.

We have a million tips for creating a stellar charity video. We believe in centering your cause and the tangible impact it has on the people and places you support. We believe in the power of emotive storytelling, and how tugging at the heartstrings sells audiences on what matters. We want your charity video to raise awareness, increase support, and attract new donations, and we have the imagination, expertise, and experience to make that happen.

Give our work for children’s charity SAFE@LAST a watch and see what you think:

Simply Thrilled produces charity videos that shine. We ensure…

  • Creativity - A creative video is an engaging video. We believe that wholeheartedly at Simply Thrilled, and bring innovation to how we develop, strategise, and produce our projects. Our team of creative experts guarantee at least four exciting and original ideas for every open brief we receive, giving you options for what storytelling and visual techniques you want to employ. Whether it’s the sky-high, perspective-shifting powers of drone photography or the distinctive visuals of 2D and 3D animation, we bring creativity to a whole other level.
  • Impact - Getting the word out there about your amazing work means that views are important. Thankfully, we know how to get views. Our portfolio has garnered over 53 million views, 900 thousand likes, and 80 thousand comments. That’s a lot of buzz! To ensure your charity gets the attention it deserves, we cut through the crowded digital space to show audiences what their support can do to aid you on your mission.
  • Expertise - We ensure that our creativity is tactical with our advanced social intelligence technology, bringing a modern mastery to how our videos interact with digital audiences. ViralPixel uses a 500-element matrix to provide our creative team with insights into which trends are successful and what audiences want to watch. With this data, our strategy is unbeaten,  supporting your charity video from the ground-up.
  • Reputation - You understand the value of a good reputation in highlighting the integrity of your mission. Simply Thrilled also knows this, and we have built a portfolio with organisations like DARE, Safe@Last, and the NHS (and many more). Our clients have left us over forty 5-star reviews on Google which prove that we know the value of sharing inspiring causes.

If a picture is worth a thousand words, a video must be worth a million or more. Simply Thrilled knows exactly what it takes to bewitch viewers, and we are eager to bring that edge and imagination to your next charity video. Collaborating with our team guarantees a high-quality production with the visual sophistication, data-driven strategy, and creative soul that wins hearts and minds.

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