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Brand films should bewitch audiences and win hearts and minds. Simply Thrilled is the creative video production company that brings this magic with pride. The best brand films tell a story and create an atmosphere which meshes perfectly with what your company is all about, and which the audience yearns to be a part of. Value-led brands are becoming increasingly important in this switched-on age of increasingly conscious customers, and a brand film is the perfect way to get across these crucial messages in a way which is elegant, powerful and compelling.

Our films have edge because we know how to convey the message at the heart of every brand. We’ve collaborated with BAFTA-winning actresses to demonstrate the value of the NHS. We’ve championed mindfulness in the mud of Download Festival. Simply Thrilled uses resourcefulness and creativity to make a brand shine brighter than the rest. Brand films aren’t adverts—they’re meaningful stories designed to connect your values with your audience.

Simply Thrilled makes brand films with bite. We guarantee…

  • Results -  We know that views aren’t everything (though we do have 50 million to boast of). Impact in the digital age means reaching your audience through the best digital channels, especially social media. Simply Thrilled not only brings in the views but the engagement, proven by the 900 thousand likes and 80 thousand comments our videos have received. Our reputation is built on our results, so it’s not surprising that past clients including Bose and Universal have left us shining 5-star reviews on Google.
  • Innovation - We keep our fingers on the pulse of the brand film scene, bringing together technology and creativity to innovate with every video we create. Not only do we use cinema and broadcast-quality cameras as a Simply Thrilled standard, but we have expertise in 2D/3D animation, live action filming, drone photography, and more. Our brand films look and sound beautiful to thoroughly evoke your message.
  • Creativity - The secret behind our success is our proprietary social intelligence technology ViralPixel, which analyses the digital space with a 500-element matrix to provide us spectacular insights into audience metrics, market trends, and more. This data fuels our creativity and is the basis to how we generate ideas that audiences love to connect with.

Brand films are constantly evolving in order to compete in an increasingly crowded marketplace. Simply Thrilled knows this, and wants to arm your next brand film with the artistry and data-backed strategy it needs to cut through the crowds and reach the customers you’re looking for.

The benefits of a sizzling brand film go beyond gaining new business. A first-class brand film is compelling: reaching new audiences, inspiring your team and leadership and bringing your brand to the forefront in the minds of audiences old and new. Whether you’re aiming for slick and sophisticated, cool and approachable, or funky and fresh, Simply Thrilled always knows how to make your brand film the best it can be.

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