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Compelling animation production in Nottingham, from Simply Thrilled.

Animation is a powerful creative tool to bring personality, artistry, and dynamism to adverts, promotional and communication videos. In fact, we’d go as far as to say any and all video content could be spiced up with the use of animation. The limitations are endless when it comes to the medium: people can fly, animals can speak, and the laws of physics that tie down live-action video can be thrown right out of the window!

Here's an example of a recent animation we've done:

You can use animation for:

  • Creating a unique character for your brand ie a talking kettle to show off your kitchenware range
  • Showing off a product or service through animated characters telling you about them
  • Showing off your branding by having it come to life
  • Creating a unique style which would be impossible with live-action

Simply Thrilled has plenty of experience creating fresh, exciting, and ingenious animation and motion graphics. Whether you’re advertising a cutting-edge app designed to aid in the care of people over seventy-five, or projecting data about the UK’s retail landscape, animation is the way forward. Here’s some examples of our work:

Simply Thrilled believes animation should be…

  • Engaging - Animation can be bright, flashy, and eye catching, or slick, subtle, and practical, but it should never be boring. If you want to thrill your audience, animation can be the key to bringing a playful, modern edge to your brand. By immersing the audience in snappy visuals, vibrant audio, and innovative colour schemes, your ideas, products, and services gain personality and memorability that lasts.
  • Strategic - We use our proprietary ViralPixel technology to assess exactly what audiences are watching and loving in the digital age, and generate sophisticated creative strategies to apply to every project we undertake. Animation is a powerful strategic tool, cutting through the crowded digital space with eye-catching visuals that can be extended across multiple platforms.
  • Artistic - Animated video and motion graphics may look seamless and effortless, but plenty of work goes in behind the scenes to ensure a first-class finish, no matter the subject of your film. At Simply Thrilled, we can apply different tones, styles, and atmospheres to your video through the power of animation – the possibilities really are endless!
  • Professional - Animation definitely isn’t just for kids. It can bring a friendly but professional atmosphere to corporate videos, and unique personality to creative projects. Animation allows the audience to easily understand and engage with complex information by bringing numbers and concepts on screen, and this means your professional message can be crystal clear.
  • Effective - Animation can give power to your message by cutting out unnecessary or convoluted details. By using clear, precise, and beautiful animation and motion graphics, anything from an abstract concept to hard-hitting data can be efficiently delivered to your audience.

Simply Thrilled has worked with a wide range of clients, from Bose to The Guardian to Universal, bringing magical concepts, breathtaking visuals, and savvy strategy to all kinds of creative and commercial video. Animation brings imagination and flexibility to creative projects, and we believe it has the potential to open new doors for you and your organisation.

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