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UAVs (unmanned aerial vehicle) commonly referred to as drones are some of the newest and most sophisticated pieces of filmmaking tech available, adding new perspectives and new dimensions to any video production. Simply Thrilled uses drone filming in Nottingham to take projects sky-high and we want to show you exactly how drone filming can suit your branded video, advertisement, or explainer video. We can take your video production to the next level production-value wise through the stylish elegance of drone footage.

Drone filming allows video projects to capture a whole new world, drawing in the viewer and demonstrating the scope and versatility of any product or service. Drone shots can be used for:

  • A swish opening or ending shot to your promo
  • Exploring the architecture of a building project
  • Showing new perspectives on everyday objects
  • Following a car or person around from a birds-eye view

Simply Thrilled uses drone filming to make your project:

  • Dynamic - Taking new projects to new heights means you get to have exciting movement and vibrant perspectives in your video that cannot be captured through traditional eye-level filmmaking. Simply Thrilled embraces this energy and infuses it into your video project to make the biggest impact, surprising you and your audience with fresh and innovative angles. The 50 million viewers of our work prove that our videos are hits.
  • Engaging - The magic of drone shots lies in how they take your audience on a visual journey. Capturing drone footage requires skill and creativity to ensure the shots are sharp, breathtaking, and engaging. 
  • Convenient - Drones can capture imagery with more speed and agility than traditional aerial filming methods, which can be intrusive and expensive. Competitive drone photography prices make it a winning filmmaking technique for your next video production. Our clients agree that our team brings their a-game, leaving us over forty 5-star reviews on Google, so you can be sure that our techniques will thrill you.
  • Sophisticated - Drones are refined pieces of technology, able to swoop and dive and bring a certain Hollywood sophistication to even the most practical of videos. Here at Simply Thrilled, we believe that to have impact video content needs to be compelling! Our portfolio with big names like Universal, Bose, and Boots demonstrates how we bring the thunder through drone filming.

Over one hundred years ago, when the first films were being developed and humans were first taking to the skies, no one could have imagined the techniques behind today’s death-defying and dynamic visuals. Drone videography is the next step in bringing an edge to commercial and corporate video, marketing products, services, and ideas in an eye-catching and inspiring manner.

As you can imagine, safety when taking skywards is paramount. Naturally all our drone pilots are fully CAA licensed and have undertaken intense amounts of training. Before the shoot itself, the site of operation is fully scoped out with a recce and we do a thorough flight plan and keep a close eye on the weather to make sure everything goes without a hitch.

Drone filmmaking is cost-effective, creative, and collaborative, bringing a magical atmosphere to cinema, television, and advertising. Why stay grounded when you can fly?

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